Consultation Checklist

Checklist for your annual tax return
Receipts and records to be submitted to the German IRS (if applicable)

To fill out the form please download the Checklist-tax-data.pdf (1.2 MB).

I. General

  • Bank details
  • Forms of tax assessment
  • Advance tax payments
  • Religous denomination
  • Changes in marital status
  • Tax number and personal ID No.
  • Last tax statement
  • Splitting or basic rate, etc.

II. Employment, wage replacement benefits and income-related costs

  • Annual electronic income tax statement(s)
  • Severance pay
  • Partial retirement
  • Records of wage replacement benefits, such as unemployment benefits (ALG I), short-time work, insolvency benefits, sick pay, etc.
  • Records of other work-related expenses
  • Records of periods without employment
  • Foreign income
  • Professional associations
  • Work equipment
  • Specialist literature
  • Business trips
  • Work errands
  • Business travel
  • Job applications
  • Tax counseling
  • Computer equipment
  • Maintenance of two households
  • Continuing education
  • Capital investment benefit records for a savings bonus
  • Determining the distance to the workplace, etc.

III. Insurance, special expenses, pension expenses

  • Life insurance
  • Private annuity / social insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Private health insurance
  • Private long-term care insurance
  • Private liability insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Pet owner liability insurance
  • Other insurance
  • Matrimonial maintenance
  • Annual certificates of savings for Riester and Rürup pensions
  • Tuition fees, vocational training fees, etc.

IV. Donations

  • For non-profit or charitable organizations and political parties
    – please include donation receipts and proof of payment –

V. Extraordinary expenses

  • Proof of a physical disability
  • Support for indigent persons
  • Employment of domestic help
  • Lawyer and court costs
  • Own expenditures for medical care
  • Medical expenses, medicine, optician, convalescent care, care services
  • Household and maintenance services, moving costs, etc.
    Please include invoices and proof of payment e.g. the service charge bill of the landlord

VI. Children

  • Birth certificate
  • Education and training certificates
  • Personal income of the child
  • Childcare and school fees
    – Please include invoices and proof of payment –

VII. Pension and retirement income

  • Recent pension records, effective date of pensions

VIII. Capital assets, income from rent and lease

  • Business comparison of revenue and expenditure
  • Annual tax statements of financial institutions, etc.
  • Interest credit, etc.
  • Revenue and expenditure records for rented apartments or houses