Privacy Policy


This privacy policy informs users of this website about the type, scope and purpose of the collection and usage of personal data during their visit to the website (called “service” for short). The contents of the website is subject to the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and Telemedia Act (TMG) in their respective current versions.

The definitions of the terms used below (e.g. “Personal Data”, “Responsible Person”, “Processing”) can be found in Art. 4 DSGVO.

Responsible Person

Dirk S. Gansen
Ringbahnstr. 72
12099 Berlin (Tempelhof)
Email address: [Please enable JavaScript in your browser]

The responsible website operator (“provider” for short) takes your privacy very seriously and treats your personal data confidentially according to the legal regulations. Since this privacy policy is subject to changes on our part due to new technologies and the continuing development of the website, we advise you to visit this page regularly to inform yourself about future changes.

Access Data

We (the provider) collect data when you access any page on this website. The data is stored in “server log files” on our web server and consists of the following information:

  • the page you visited
  • date and time of your access
  • amount of data sent in bytes
  • the address of the previous page you visited, if any
  • your browser name and version
  • your operating system
  • your external IP address

The server log files containing the access data are stored for up to 7 days and are then anonymized by shortening the last octet of the IP address. After this it is not possible to connect the access data with any natural person. The reason for the collection of this data lies in our legitimate interest to secure the website and prevent any misuse by informing law authorities. If there is a sign of such misuse, the access data will be exempt from anonymization until the incident has been resolved.


“Cookies” on the Internet denote small files or data records that originate from the server of a website, are sent to the user’s browser and stored on their device. They store a value that can be read on subsequent visits by the same website that originated the cookie. The use of these cookies may enhance the user experience and also the security of the website.

Our website uses two kinds of cookies that are stored on the user’s computer. One saves the user’s language preference, the value “de” or “en”, has a lifetime of 10 years and cannot be connected with any person. The other cookie is set when a client logs into the website. This is a so-called “session cookie” that identifies the client during the time of his interaction with the site, in order to present those contents reserved only for clients. When the client logs off, closes the browser window or tab, or after 24 hours of inactivity the session cookie will be deleted from the clients browser. This temporary session cookie cannot be used to identify the user over an extended period of time and so does not comprise personal data.

If you don’t want to have cookies from our website stored on your computer device you can prevent their use by setting the browser option “Block cookies.” However, doing so may prevent you from utilizing the functionality of the website to the fullest extent.

Recording and Processing of Personal Data

The provider collects, uses or transmits your personal data to third parties only if legally allowed or you have given permission to process your data in this way. Personal data include all information that can be used to personally identify you and can be connected with your person. Examples are your name, email address and phone number.

You can visit our website without giving any information about yourself. We do however store the above-mentioned access data in order to improve our service. Access data includes the requested web page and the IP address of your device. The anonymization of the IP address 7 days after the access precludes personal identification.

We process personal data, such as the name, email address, phone number and message text submitted in the contact form, as well as uploaded tax records and related information for our clients. We process these data only with the express permission of the users concerned and in compliance with applicable data protection regulations. The processing of personal data takes place due to our legitimate interest in fulfilling our contractually agreed upon services and in the optimization of our website.

Handling of Contact Information

When you contact us as website provider your submitted information, such as your name, email address and phone number, is transferred over a secure connection and stored so that we can use it to process and answer your message. We treat this data confidentially. They will not be transmitted to any third party.

Handling of Client Data

When you log into our website as a client, you may use the contact form to send us your tax records and other tax-related information for further processing. The transmission of your data from your browser to our website takes place over a secure encrypted connection. Your submitted data is of course treated confidentially and remains in our office.

Integration of Third Party Services and Contents

We use services of third party providers on our website to integrate their contents or services. In order to ensure the functionality of these services the IP address of the user device must be sent to the third party provider so that the requested contents can be sent back to the user’s browser. The integration of the services listed below takes place according to the legal basis in Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO due to the legitimate interest of the provider of this website to facilitate user contact and optimize our services.

Google Fonts

We use Google Fonts provided by Google LLC, USA to display fonts on our website that may not be present on every user device, ensuring an attractive design that can be loaded quickly in the browser. This service may process your IP address. Google LLC is committed to providing suitable privacy under the US-European Privacy Shield. More information is available in Google’s detailed Privacy Policy and the Google Fonts FAQ.

Google Maps

We use Google Maps provided by Google LLC, USA to integrate local maps on our contact page, to help you to find your way to our office. This service may process user data such as your IP address and location data. You can control the sending of location data in the settings of your mobile device. Google LLC is committed to providing suitable privacy under the US-European Privacy Shield. More information is available in Google’s detailed Privacy Policy.

User Rights

As user of this website you have the right to request free disclosure of the personal data stored by us. In addition you have the right to have wrong data corrected, processing restricted or to request the deletion of all your personal data. If applicable, you also have the right to data portability in order to move your data to another provider. If you suspect that your data has been processed illegally you can submit a complaint to the appropriate regulatory authority.

Data Deletion

You have the right to delete your data if your request does not conflict with a legal obligation for data retention (such as retention of telecommunication data or the legal storage period). The data stored by us will be deleted if they are no longer necessary for their purpose and no legal data retention period is applicable. If deletion is not possible because the data are needed for an allowed legal purpose, the processing of the data will be restricted. This means that the data are locked and will not be processed for other purposes.

Right of Appeal

Users of this website can make use of their right of appeal at any time and object to the processing of their personal data.

If you wish to correct, restrict, delete or desire disclosure about your personal data stored by us, or you have questions about the collection, processing or usage of your personal data or would like to revoke your granted permissions, please contact the following email address: [Please enable JavaScript in your browser].

In addition, in case of complaints you can contact the data protection regulatory authority in Berlin responsible for the provider:

Berliner Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit
Friedrichstr. 219
10969 Berlin

Additional Notes

Professional provisions

Professional data protection and confidentiality provisions are regulated in:

§ 203 Strafgesetzbuch ( StGB )
§ 57 Steuerberatungsgesetz ( StberG )
§ 30 Abgabenordnung ( AO )
§ 17 Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb ( UWG )
§ 66 Steuerberatungsgesetz ( StBerG )