About Lohnsteuerhilfe and Tax Counseling

Do you, or taxpayers you know, give away time or money every year?

  • You do not make use of all the possibilities for saving taxes
  • There is no useful guideline for filling out the forms
  • Tax statements cannot be verified properly
  • You need more information on “taxes and environmental protection”

As part of a membership in the LohnsteuerBeratungsVerbund e.V.  you will receive, as prescribed by § 4 Nr. 11 StBerG:

  • Preparation of the tax return forms
  • Verification of the tax statements
  • Legal remedies at your local IRS office

In addition you will receive counseling and advice throughout the year on

  • Child and parental benefits
  • Allowances and deductions
  • Savings bonuses and premiums
  • Mini jobs and short-term work
  • Riester and Rürup pensions
  • Withholding tax
  • Health insurance premiums

The professional paperwork and calculations you receive are handled as confidential matter.

Your personal data and tax receipts can be turned over to the tax office for preparing your tax return through the following channels:

  • During a visit in your home
  • During an office appointment
  • By postal mail
  • Online

The consultation advice takes into account the current legal changes, such as the new travel expense law, retirement income law, income-related expenses, child care and house maintenance services. Consultations are only by appointment.